Fog Of War

A few things are clear. Ukraine is a sovereign state, harboring both ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians. It’s also clear that Putin’s Russia has invaded this sovereign state. First stating that he wanted to help out the ethnic Russians in Donetsk and Lugansk, basically the entire Donbass, as he had occupied Crimea, full of ethnic Russians, back in 2014. There is clearly no justification for invading all of Ukraine. Despite Vlad’s statements that this country is full of Nazis and terrorists.

Ukraine has a colorful and checkered history. Yes, a few thousand Ukrainians had formed battalions within Hitler’s Waffen SS and fought the Russians. Does this mean that today’s Ukrainians are Nazis as well? No. Yes, there has been a lot of turmoil in the country around the 2004–2014 timeframe. First the bloodless Orange Revolution in 2004 and then the much bloodier Maidan Protests in 2014 which caused Yanukovich to resign, a corrupt Poroshenko taking over, also making a mess of it.

Yes, Ukraine has been the focus of several foreign NGO’s which are not always what they seem, i.e. being front organizations of the Western Intelligence Communities. Trying to influence Ukrainian domestic politics and swaying these in a favorable way for the Free World. Very much the same way as Putin’s Russia does, although the latter has turned the internet troll factory principle into a true art form. The Maidan Protests were indeed influenced by those Western NGO’s and their puppets.

So, Vladimir Putin sees all this and he knows his history. Sadly he does. And, to add insult to injury, Ukraine at some point prohibited by law Russian to be the second official Ukrainian language. Herr Putler has used that WWII Nazism, those NGO-generated revolutions and that Russian language ban (which was abolished a while ago again) to justify an all-out invasion of an entire country. Those reasons mentioned here are just rhetorics. Czar Vladimir The Great is going for a Greater Russia.

And then there is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. A Jewish stand-up comedian and actor who was part of a sitcom, in which he played a school teacher eventually running for President. It must have started with sort of a joke: why not run for President for real? After all, it was time for a breath of fresh air after four years of Poroshenko. Surprisingly, the non-political Zelensky, the outsider, won. Since 2019 he and his party Sloeha Narodoe govern Ukraine. Doing so to this day.

I read somewhere “Some Leaders turn into Clowns, some Clowns turn into Leaders”. First half of that phrase: Boris Johnson. Second half: Volodymyr Zelensky. My humble opinion. The former clown was offered a flight out of Ukraine by the USA. He declined the offer, stating “The war is here. I need munitions, not a ride out”. He could have gone. He could have robbed the Ukrainian banks blind. He didn’t. He stayed, and still does. Not safely stashed in a bunker but on the streets. Amidst his people.

Watch this 2014 documentary: Ukraine on Fire — YouTube



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